Day Six @ Parktheater!

We’re confirmed to a event by Serious Music Alphen. On November 14th 2014 Day Six will do a show at Parktheater, Alphen a/d Rijn. It’s going to be a seated show in a great atmosphere. This event will be together with the dutch progband Ulysses.
We’ve got some ideas to prepare a special show for this evening. More on this later.

Confirmation Progpower Europe Afterparty

We’re very proud to announce that we’ve been confirmed for the Progpower Afterparty on Saturday november 2nd.
An evening full of progmusic with Day Six and Armed Cloud (NL) and on top of that you get to hear the first confirmed bands for Progpower Europe 2014.
Tickets only 5 euro, I´d say, don´t miss it!

Day Six presents new keyboard player!

Over a year ago we announced that keyboard player Dolf van Heugten was leaving the band. The past year we had many meetings and auditions and now we are very pleased to finally present the new keyboard player of Day Six…

Desmond Robberegt!

Besides several projects Desmond has a lot of experience as keyboard player in bands like Incineration, Xystus and Zout.
We’re very excited that Desmond will be joining the band and we’re sure he will give Day Six some new creative impulses. Welcome on board, Desmond!
Behind the scenes we already have been working hard on new material as well as rehearsing the old songs and we’re ready to hit the stage again.
The first show is already planned and hopefully some more will follow soon.
So stay tuned!

Recording weekend!

It´s been a while but last week we started de recordings of drums and some guitars of six new tracks.
These recordings will not be used for the new album, it’s kind of a preprepreproduction in which we finish the tracks.
We must say, we’re very satisfied about the result so far.
Some video footage will follow so stay tuned.

Vinyl release!

Our double LP “Samples of Genetic wisdom, Captured to survive is” out now.
The album is being released word wide on FREIA Music.
The package contains 2 LP’s and 1 CD.


LP 1 – side A:

1. Castel Gandolfo 6.26
2. 7th Sign 6.56
3. Massive Glacial Wall 9.03

(from “the Grand Design” 2010)

LP 1 – side B:

1. Age of Technology 9.19
2. Legend of the Hollow 10.24

( track 1 from “Promo 2005”, track 2 from “Eternal Dignity” 2003)

LP 2 – side A:

1. The Crypt 14.28
2. Dark Tower 6.28

(from “Eternal Dignity” 2003)

LP 2 – side B:
1. Jareth 9.54
2. Into the Underworld 8.38

(from “Be careful what you wish for… 2000)

1. Castel Gandolfo
2. Massive Glacial Wall
3. Age of Technology
4. Legend of the Hollow
5. The Crypt
6. Dark Tower
7. Jareth
8. Into the Underworld

The total package costs only €22.49 excl shipping costs.
If your interested please contact us on
Make sure to get one!