Day Six and Desmond go seperate ways…

Unfortunately we have to announce that Day Six and synthplayer Desmond Robberegt go seperate ways.

Following a statement by Desmond:

“ Hi @ all

I regret to announce that, after a year of making great music, I and the band decided to end my time as synthplayer with Day Six. 
We did some great great shows together past year, but now the Focus (sorry Daan, couldn’t resist lol) shifted more and more to writing the new album. 
In here we found that Day Six’s vision of how to fill in the synth part is totally different than my vision and we are too far apart to come to a constructive cooperation. We tried to make it work, but when it isn’t there, I have to draw my conclusions, same as the band.
I really regret this, because I had such a great time with you great musicians, and above all, great guys. Thank you for all of that and thanks for making me feel at home that fast.

Talking about feeling at home… 
I’d like to thank all the people who came to the shows and supported the band, especially:Fam Liebregts for all the support you’re giving to the band, the pie I enjoyed in your kitchen and garden and the fun time with Bono in the coffee breaks during rehearsals. I’ll miss you.
Thank you Tiny van Stiphout and Gerjan van der Maat for all the help on and off stage (Positive for Gerjan, me leaving saves you your back hahahaha) and the great pictures you guys made.
This being said, Daan, Robbie and Eric, thank you for the wonderful year and I wish you all the best and I’m sure we’ll meet again! Good luck with finding a new, really fitting synthplayer!

Greetz Desmond”

Thanks Desmond, you’re a great guy too! We really like to thank you for everything you have done for the band! We had lot’s of fun and did some awesome shows together!
We wish Desmond all the best in his future and we absolutely hope his Day Six-adventure has made him re-discover his love for making music (but we’re quite sure about that:)! Desmond, thanks a lot!

The confirmed shows will continue so don’t worry about that and of course we keep on working on our new album!

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