PROG Invasion: Duitsland

We’re happy to announce a new show. On November 9th Day Six will be part of the Prog Invasion with two dutch progbands battling two German progbands:)
Make sure to be there and witness this bloody battle!

Timeshift Accident (DE) – 20:00 uur
Day Six (NL) – 21:00 uur
Dreamwalkers INC (NL) – 22:00 uur
Seven Steps To The Green Door (DE) – 23:15 uur

At Poppodium Duycker, Hoofddorp (NL) Get your tickets now!

Rutger decided to step down from Day Six

Unfortunately we have to announce Rutger is leaving Day Six. He explains his decision in the following statement:

“ After careful consideration, I decided to step down from Day Six. While writing and recording “Solitary League” I experienced a growing discomfort. It can best be described as a struggle to bring myself together with the other members of Day Six, both physically (we don’t live close), and in our way of working (me: techy studio guy who prefers preparing alone and then doing few focused live rehearsals, versus: Day Six where things evolve naturally in frequent face-to-face rehearsals and jam-sessions).
And then fatherhood! I never thought I’d turn down a chance to tour again, yet with the prospect of the birth of my daughter around the same time, we’ve asked Desmond Robberegt to step in. I can now confirm such an event is indeed life changing, even though it won’t change my passion for music in the slightest. Despite these struggles, I was strongly motivated to help Day Six finish “Solitary League” in style. With their level of musicianship, I feel the next step forward for Day Six is well deserved, and I sincerely hope “Solitary League” will bring well along the way.”

Although we regret his decision, we understand his choice. Having an organic way of writing music is difficult on a distance. Nevertheless, together we created an album that really stands out. Good reviews keep pouring in and Rutger, being a virtuoso on the keyboards, absolutely contributed to this. We wish you all the best with your family and beyond any doubt with the new music you will create in the future! Thanks a lot!

So, how does the story continue…..?

After playing twelve kick ass shows on tour with Threshold being a powerful, energetic and tight band with loads of enthusiasm, for us it was more than obvious that we wanted to maintain this and asked Desmond Robberegt to join us and play all the upcoming liveshows for the next years. Luckily Desmond felt the same. Welcome back on board Desmond, we are thrilled to keep making all those good memories together;)

Next memory to be made: March 23th at Parktheater, Alphen ad Rijn (NL)!!! Make sure to get your tickets

new “theatre” show confirmed

We´re happy to announce a new Day Six-show in the beautiful `Parktheater`by Serious Music Alphen is confirmed.

Along with HeKz (UK) we will blast the theatre on March 23th of 2018.

Back in 2014 we had a great evening over there, we´re quite sure this is gonna be awesome again.

Seeing (and playing) a seated show like this is a very special experience. You just don’t wanna miss it!!!

[ 23.03.2018 – Parktheater – Alphen ad Rijn / NL ]

Congrats Rutger!

We’re happy to share the good news that Rutger is expecting to become a father at the end of this year. Congrats guy!

That means that he has decided, of course, not to take the risk to be on the road when his wife is giving birth to his child, so unfortunately he won’t be behind the keys during the tour.

Luckily we can announce that Desmond Robberegt will be joining us on the shows. In the past we’ve done several great shows together so no doubt about it that we can give some kick ass shows with also new kick ass material of “Solitary League”! And for now…. blood, sweat, tears and many blisters, it’s rehearsal time!!!!

Successful crowdfunding!

We’re very happy to let you know we reached 104% of our goal. We are very grateful for that.

Thanks, to everyone who spread the news by sharing it on the social media.
A big thanks to the radiostations/programs for the interviews and airplay about our campaign,

And of course thanks to everyone who supported our band by donating. Thank you so much, thanks for the trust, we really appreciate it. It gives us an enormous boost to make an awesome album. We’ll make sure you get something nice in return.

Thank you!!!
Daan, Rutger, Eric and Robbie / Day Six

Day Six crowd funding campaign!!!!

Hi music lovers,

As you may already know, 2017 is going to be a special year for us. In January we played the first show with our new line-up. In April we enter the studio to record our new album, which we hope to release in the fall. Several record companies have already expressed their interest. And for the end of the year we’ve scheduled a tour to bring our new songs to a live audience throughout Europe.


With the limited revenue from our music we cannot cover all these expenses. We feel, however, that our new music deserves to be recorded properly, turning it into a worthy successor to our well-receive previous album “The Grand Design. That’s why we ask for your support.


Because we appreciate any kind of support, we offer you a variety of different – and sometimes unique – items in return. We hope you’ll find an item you’d appreciate, because your support could make a significant difference for us! Check our crowd funding campaign here:
[ for the english version look here]

Cheers and thanks in advance! Robbie, Rutger, Eric en Daan