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Congrats Rutger!

zondag, oktober 22nd, 2017

We’re happy to share the good news that Rutger is expecting to become a father at the end of this year. Congrats guy!

That means that he has decided, of course, not to take the risk to be on the road when his wife is giving birth to his child, so unfortunately he won’t be behind the keys during the tour.

Luckily we can announce that Desmond Robberegt will be joining us on the shows. In the past we’ve done several great shows together so no doubt about it that we can give some kick ass shows with also new kick ass material of “Solitary League”! And for now…. blood, sweat, tears and many blisters, it’s rehearsal time!!!!

European tour!

zaterdag, oktober 21st, 2017

Yeah! In about 5 weeks Day Six are touring Europe with Damnation Angels and THRESHOLD to promote their upcoming album “Solitary League”!!! See you there?

Successful crowdfunding!

vrijdag, juni 2nd, 2017

We’re very happy to let you know we reached 104% of our goal. We are very grateful for that.

Thanks, to everyone who spread the news by sharing it on the social media.
A big thanks to the radiostations/programs for the interviews and airplay about our campaign,

And of course thanks to everyone who supported our band by donating. Thank you so much, thanks for the trust, we really appreciate it. It gives us an enormous boost to make an awesome album. We’ll make sure you get something nice in return.

Thank you!!!
Daan, Rutger, Eric and Robbie / Day Six

Day Six crowd funding campaign!!!!

vrijdag, april 7th, 2017

Hi music lovers,

As you may already know, 2017 is going to be a special year for us. In January we played the first show with our new line-up. In April we enter the studio to record our new album, which we hope to release in the fall. Several record companies have already expressed their interest. And for the end of the year we’ve scheduled a tour to bring our new songs to a live audience throughout Europe.


With the limited revenue from our music we cannot cover all these expenses. We feel, however, that our new music deserves to be recorded properly, turning it into a worthy successor to our well-receive previous album “The Grand Design. That’s why we ask for your support.


Because we appreciate any kind of support, we offer you a variety of different – and sometimes unique – items in return. We hope you’ll find an item you’d appreciate, because your support could make a significant difference for us! Check our crowd funding campaign here:
[ for the english version look here]

Cheers and thanks in advance! Robbie, Rutger, Eric en Daan


vrijdag, april 7th, 2017

Here it is!!! Our crowdfunding website Hope you are willing to help us reach our goal! Thanks

Day Six on tour with Threshold

dinsdag, maart 21st, 2017

Yeah, it´s finally out in the open. With much pride and excitement we can announce that we go on tour supporting Threshold!

This is one of those rare moments in life where things just fit seamlessly: while we are scheduling studio recordings for our new album, Threshold was looking for an openingact for their European tour. When? Exactly when we planned to have the new Day Six record finished! We are more than happy to be opening the shows for these wonderful guys and amazing musicians!

We´re really looking forward to hit the road with Damnation Angels and Threshold.

See you there!

(presented by Rock Hard, Eclipsed, Rock It!, Blast! and Wacken Radio, rtn-touring)

Try out show!

vrijdag, december 23rd, 2016
In less than a month, on January 21th Day Six will do a Try out show at the “New Age indoorfestival” Comeet, Someren. It’s been a long time since we’ve hit the stage so we’re excited about it. The setlist will contain several new songs so make sure to be there.
Doors open at 20.00 showtime Day Six 20.30.
Other bands: In-tension (album releaseshow), Sylver Myst (reunion show) and Nem-Q (album release show)

Day Six welcomes Rutger Vlek

vrijdag, maart 4th, 2016

We’re very excited to announce that we’re finally complete again.
Please welcome our new keys player Rutger Vlek.

You may know him from his work with Orpheo and Autumn, his involvement in various studio projects, or his instrument building endeavors.
Since halfway 2015 we’ve been working together on material for the new album. And it’s gonna be awesome!

For now, we decided to maintain our focus on the new album, and hold back on live shows for a while. Further down the road, we intend to hit the stage again and reveal what we’re so passionately focusing on right now.

Every now and then we’ll share a teaser of a rehearsel or home studio day with you. Hope you’ll check it out!
Cheers, Day Six

A last minute show in Belgium!

donderdag, oktober 23rd, 2014

In two weeks from now we´ll be playing a show at The Rocking Bull Arena in Antwerpen, Belgium.

On Friday november 7th, the day before Haunted Skyfest, we will hit the stage along with the Italian progband Loreweaver. So Belgium, ready for an evening full of great progressive metal? Make sure to be there!

Tickets and more info on: The Rocking Bull Arena

And a second show with Vanden Plas!!!

vrijdag, juni 27th, 2014

Great news! We’re very excited to let you all know that we also will be opening for Vanden Plas on their other dutch show at P3, Purmerend on December 20th.
More info and tickets: P3
Hope to see you all there!